About Us

Welcome to Quarters for Kids. We believe that no child should go hungry.

Bud Rigoulot founded Quarters for Kids after having a conversation with a young adult experiencing homelessness. He was helping out at a school cafeteria and saw this young man putting his lunch straight into his backpack. Because of this, Bud asked the boy what he was doing. The young man said, “My sister is three years old and hasn’t had anything to eat today. We’re homeless. I already had breakfast, so I’m taking this home to her.” Bud’s view of the world was profoundly changed as a result of this conversation. Therefore, he went out to help homeless children in need of food.

Quarters for Kids is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and all donations go toward helping feed homeless kids.

Please donate below, and fill out the following contact form if you’d like to reach out to us.

Federal tax id #82-3552524

Contact Us
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