Bud’s Story

Bud’s Story

Quarters for Kids was started a year ago by Bud Rigoulot.  Bud is an AKA (above the knee amputee). He lost his leg less than three years ago due to infection from basic surgery.  At the age of 54, he had fought for numerous months to keep his leg; having surgeries, PICC lines and daily IV antibiotics.  After losing his leg, he sat at home in his wheelchair, having also lost his job, and then his mom. He believed that he would no longer be a productive human being, and no longer needed. Depression crept in.  

Then, Bud decided that he would find something to do, someone to help. He began to volunteer in schools. Since he was an amputee, elementary students were fascinated! They asked questions and were curious about… well, everything.  Bud and the students found they related well to each other. One day, while helping in the cafeteria, Bud noticed a young boy pick up his lunch, sit down, and begin to wrap it up. The child put away his pizza, and then his French fries, placing them in his backpack. He also put away his applesauce, milk, and napkins.  Bud asked the boy why he was putting away the lunch he had just received. The boy said, “I was able to eat breakfast this morning here at school, so I’m fine. My little sister hasn’t eaten since yesterday, and we share.” He looked up at Bud with tears in his eyes, and continued. “My sister is three years old. We’re homeless, and live in our car.” Bud made sure that the young boy ate lunch, and that he had food to share with his sister.

When he got home that afternoon, Bud couldn’t get the boy and his family out of his mind.  He knew that he had found his purpose in life. He needed to stand up and make a difference.  So, over that year, he began building his non-profit company, “Quarters for Kids.” He used all his family’s savings to create the company and get the word out.  Donations were scarce, so after a lot of thinking, dreaming and training, he decided to do something drastic.

On June 23rd of this year, he started walking and riding a recumbent bike across the United States to raise awareness.  In six weeks, he traveled 689 miles. Due to an injury and medical complications, he came home from Eureka CA, and even spent a week in the hospital. The ride may have ended for now, but Bud is not giving up his goal to make a difference, and is continuing to raise money for homeless children.

Bud is a professional motivational speaker, standup comic, member of numerous Toastmaster Groups, as well as the National Speakers Association.  He has learned how to speak to large audiences about things that are close to people’s hearts. Please take time to donate to his cause to help children of all ages. Donations go to help kids receive clothing, lunch money, and many other things that are necessary in their daily lives.  It will be greatly appreciated.

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