Bud’s Story

“After I was hit by a car, went into the hospital and lost my leg from medical complications from surgery, I was very depressed,” says Bud. “Serving at my wife’s school was one activity that kept my chin up.”

“One day I noticed a young boy wrapping his lunch up and slipping it into his bag.” “What are you saving your whole lunch for?” I asked.

“My family is homeless and my sister hasn’t eaten all weekend,” said the boy. “I’m taking this lunch home to her so she can have dinner.”

“At that moment I realized I could make a difference in these kids’ lives. My focus stopped from being an amputee. I became totally focused on how could I get food to these homeless kids.”

“That’s how ‘Destination Fairfield’ came to be. For each quarter donated to homeless kids, I’ll take a step.”



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