Bud’s Story

Bud’s Story

Bud Rigoulot, a professional comedian, became an above-the-knee amputee after being hit by a car. He worked hard to be able to walk with a prosthetic leg. Bud started volunteering his time at his wife’s inner-city Tacoma, Washington public school, entertaining the kids.

He found out that every day, children hoard food to take home to younger siblings and family. School breakfast and lunch programs are available to help some of the children who live in poverty, are homeless, or are in dysfunctional homes. These same children often have younger siblings at their so-called homes, just as hungry or deprived as the school kids.

Bud stated, “One day I noticed a young boy wrapping up his lunch and slipping it into his bag.” “What are you saving your whole lunch for?” I asked the boy. “My family is homeless and my sister hasn’t eaten since yesterday,” he said. “I’m taking this lunch home to her so she can have dinner. I got to eat breakfast this morning. ”

Bud realized he could help some of the kids in the school. He purchased Lunchables and other items to have at the school to help any kid who didn’t have a lunch. Bud, with other people, now buys additional food for the kids. This child’s plight rankled at Bud’s mind. As a direct result, the idea of “Quarters for Kids” was born.

Bud set up a nonprofit, “Quarters for Kids,” to bring awareness to the fact kids need help, even in small ways.

To bring further awareness, Bud Rigoulot is currently walking from Spanaway, Washington (outside of Tacoma) along HWY 101 to Los Angeles, and on to Fairfield, Texas (outside of Dallas). He will also be using a recumbent bike part of the day to rest his leg.

Walking is good, but Bud realized being a professional comedian and being a public speaker are not the same. He joined Toastmasters International to learn how to be a public speaker. As a professional speaker, he will be speaking not only to Toastmaster clubs along his way, but also to radio and TV programs.

The “Quarters for Kids” walk across America began June 23rd at the “Roy Y” park and ride in Spanaway, Washington.

“Quarters for Kids” yellow t-shirts are available with a $20 donation. Donate below. The donation proceeds collected along the walk will be distributed to the schools in the zip code the money was collected.



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